2008 Mix
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A mix of pictures 2008

Mom and Dad going on a mission.

Got a pool for the ducks. Kids had to see if it really worked.

Its a little cloudy..but I think I can still see the bottom.

Our kitchen...as it looked most of this year.

James and his alligator boots.

These are the kind of pictures you find on your memory card when the kids get a hold of the camera.

Easter at Omas house....without Oma. :-(

Julia has caugth the concept of getting her picture taken. She has figured that a picture is not a picture if you are not doing a pose. She has invented some pretty fancy poses.

Camo Jacob

On a wagon ride at the Heritage Center

Just found the kids and the pillows all in one spot one day.

Audrey took the kids to this park. Julia doing her pose. David interested in the concept but lacks some practice.

Easter egg dippin'

Ice cream after breaking her arm falling out of the apple tree.

Jewels and Dad.

David....I think.

Julia, Megan and David.

Fun at a Logan Park

More tree climbing

The girls doing a home facial spa treatment

The energy of Davey.


T.V. Dinner breakfasts when moms not doing so well.

Water bug

Old Time match rocket fun.

Roman, Tiffany and kids in front of Big Foot at the Logan Car show.

Kids are so much cooler than cars.

Cousins came for a visit

mmm mmmm sweet and so soo pretty.

Learning that it is not a good idea to mix chickens, food and your porch.

Julia saw me with a camera in my hand and wanted her picture taken.

Davids Baptism

Me and David

Davey and Me.

Cotton field in Texas

Ice Skating at the Logan rink.

Audrey and Julia

I think those are whiskers on James


A fort that Jacob made. Complete with army guys, anti-aircraft and artillery guns.

Julia dressed to pose.

Julia and Pal


I piled up some dirt in the back yard. Somehow I knew at the time that it would become a kid magnet, and it did.

Julia liked the dirt. Look at her socks.

Looping the driveway in the snow.

My graduation.

Chickens and pigeons

James and Caleb. I love this picture.

Me, Ma, and the 'chilluns

Sardine canyon.

Julia swallowed popcorn in her lungs

Megan and our first 2nd generation baby pigeon (which we are sad to say died recently)

I'm so glad the implants don't look fake. I was worried that they might.

Skyping with Mom and Dad in the Dominican Republic


Megan, me and Julia.

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