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More Pictures from 2008

Our Pigeons first little baby (named squirt...for obvious reasons)

Megan takes care of the pigeons and they love her. Behind Megan is the chicken cubby

First Snow of the season

Why fork out money for a chair. Boxes are great for all kinds of things.

Julia and her poses



Huge camel at the live Nativity in Nibley.

Megan performing at the mall with her dance class.

Warm ups at another performance.

Feeding the ducks and chickens

Ok, that was a lot of pictures of them, but they are so fun.

Our Tree

Peeps fell in the pond and so we had to warm her up and dry her out.



Megan and Squirt


David with squirt in front of the chicken coop


The drunk driver that almost hit us


The car to my left that got clipped.


Thank you daddy for taking us to get a load of wood, we love working.

Pigeon on a chicken

The chickens ducks and pigeons get along amazingly well with each other.


I was surprised to see this, however.

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