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Our Family 2009 (page 3)

That's a lot of rain.

Me unclogging the rain gutter.

David and Great Grandma Coon

The "hay ride" at The Heritage Center

The hay slide. I believe this was the first and the last year of the hay slide. When I saw it the first thing I thought was: "That is neat that this place has such a fun ride. It looks like a huge liability and the type of thing that you used to see more of back in the day before people were so sue happy." Well I guess something must have happened, cause they didn't do it again. How sad! 

Almost all of us got hurt riding this thing, but isn't that the whole idea of a really fun home made ride?

Uncle Arnie shows us the correct way to crash into the hay pile, scraping yourself across the dirt as you do so. When I went down I flew right over the pile of hay and landed on the road.

Jacob going pro.

At the pumpkin patch.

A fireside at home.

Home school Project - Cell Structure

The reason I never really learned this stuff in school was because they didn't use candy. Lesson to be learned here is that candy is good for retention.

Cake is good on the cellular level.

Audrey, making home school fun and memorable.


Pumpkin carving.

Our 2009 Family Portrait

Cousins Craft Fun.

A little Halloween Fun.

Grandma and Grandpa Coon visit from Alaska!

Now that's a couple of sick little kids.

Birthday with the cousins.

Achievement Days - Thanksgiving Craft

Little Cornucopias

A thanksgiving turkey centerpiece.

A date with Audrey....and Ellen.

The live Nativity in Nibley

Making Snowball Soap.

Nibley Ward Christmas Party

3 best bud cousins.

Frazier Christmas Party

Our Christmas Nativity

James and a Christmas present.

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