2009 Fathers and Sons
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2009 Fathers and Sons Campout

David didn't waste any time catching a snake.

Campfire Popped Popcorn.

I told the kids to smile so big that it made their cheeks hurt.

David and his friend Jonah



James and me at the ward fireside.

Morning Campers Face 1

Morning campers face 2

Morning campers face 3

..and the winner of Morning Campers Face is:

Our "Good Morning" campfire.

Nibley 5th Ward Stripling Warriors.

Bishop Cooking Pancakes

Brother Smedley

Oh....that's looking mighty fine and tasty!

Now where have I seen this before?

This is a familiar sight for some reason.

Right about here I'm thinking Déjà vu! (Click here to peek at last years fathers and sons)

The hand cart, it's helpful for bringing pioneers across the plains, or for taking your camping gear across the lawn to your car.

The hike to Rosy's Mine

Going into Rosy's Mine

We found some cave mice. This one was a mom with her babies. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it was big and looked like a squirrel-mouse. Maybe its a Chinchilla.

At the end of the tunnel.

Black_Square.gif OMG it's a black square! :0

If you turned off the flashlights it looked like this.

Heading back out.

Safe and sound back out of the cave.

We made it back home.

This is a poster I made for the ward bulletin board. Click on the picture to enlarge it.


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