2009 Fishing
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Fishing in 2009

2009 was certainly a year of fishing. I must have gone fishing several times a month all year long. There are so many places to go fishing that in 5 -10 minutes in any direction I can be at a great fishing spot. It was a lot of fun taking the kids or sometimes just going by myself. I kept my tackle in the back of the truck so I would often just go whenever I felt like it.

Grandpa Coon visiting. This is at Hyrum Lake.

Fishing at Porcupine Reservoir.

Good thing we brought our chore boots, cause it got mighty muddy in some spots.

I took David fishing to Bear Lake and we learned how to catch Macinaw.

That's a big fish.
As you can tell from the can of soda pop that I put there for perspective.

(....dont use the fork for perspective)

I took James a few days later to Bear Lake to try to catch a Macinaw

James on top of the world at Bear Lake.

James with his Macinaw.

I took Julia Fishing at 1st Dam in Logan Canyon.

Megan and my fishing trip.

Grandpa Frazier fishing at Bear Lake.

Fishing with Grandpa Coon at Porcupine

I like how this picture turned out. I took this picture with the original intent of flipping it upside down. That's why most of what you see is a reflection, and only a small sliver is the real deal. The "reflection" you see in the water is not a reflection, its the actual photo. The majority of this picture is the reflection in the water. Or in other words, this picture is upside down.

(Here is what the picture originally looked like)

This was such a peaceful, calm day at the lake.

Grandpa and David

David and me

I took David and James fishing at Hyrum Lake

I love this picture.

My friend Mike took me ice fishing in Idaho. I think I'm the one who got hooked. I've now been ice fishing a whole bunch of times and it is very fun.

With ice fishing you only need a tiny little pole.

After that I went and got an ice fishing tent.

Jacobs friend, Dayne, ice fishing at Hyrum Lake.

A successful fishing trip. Well....for most of us.

David and me ice fishing at Hyrum Reservoir.

That ice is over a foot thick!


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