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Happy New Year!

When I was younger we often did puzzles over Christmas Break. It used to take up the entire dining room table and some of the larger puzzles would be quite the project.

This year for New Years we put together a few puzzles. It was a lot of fun.

Each of the kids had their own progress chart hanging on the wall. We took a picture of them today. (this was from the 2008 Home School Schedule.)

Ellen enjoying New Year's Day.

Jan 3rd

My parents recently returned home from an LDS mission to the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Mission. Since returning they started monthly Super-Sized-Frazier-Family-Home-Evenings. We all meet for dinner and a FHE lesson. It rotates each month so that each family gets to teach the lesson. Our kids look forward each month to having FHE at Oma and Opa's house (Grandma & Grandpa's house). It is so much fun. It's a family reunion every month!

Left to Right: Marci, Amron, Tyler, Prenten, Emily.

Marci, Amron & Tyler




Eating dinner.

Mom (Grandma/Oma)

This month it was Mom & Dad's turn to do the lesson. Here they are showing us how to make homemade picture frames with sea shells.

Jan 6th
Rosca de Reyes is a traditional pastry eaten to celebrate the Dia de Reyes, Day of the Kings, or the day that the 3 wise men came. In Latin America, this is often when kids get their presents. They fill up their shoes with hay (for the camels) and place them outside.
Inside the bread is usually hidden 1 or more little figurines of baby Jesus. It represents the flight of Jesus fleeing from king Herod's plan to kill all babies who could be the Messiah. The bread is cut and everyone gets a piece. If you get a figurine in your slice then you save it for the celebration feast on Feb 2nd, where you are crowned king. 

My friend Jose (who taught me about the tradition) came to our house today and surprised us with our very own Rosca de Reyes. We are very excited!

...and here are the lucky winners!

Jan 21st
It's gal's night out with dad. We ate at the Mandarin Garden Restaurant in Logan.

Jan 23rd
Aunt Laura with Julia and Emma. If you turn this picture upside-down, they are all smiling.

Jan 27th
Today in kindergarten class, the girls made snowflake cinnamon crispy treats for their snack time.

January 29th
The cousins at aunt Emily's house for Krystal's wedding shower.

Feb 1st
Home school project studying the earth

Feb 7th
James' hamster

Feb 11th
The Home School Valentine's Day Party

Afterwards they went over to visit with the cousins in Layton. Julia and Emma are great friends.

Feb 14th
Happy Valentine's Day! The home school craft project is decorating Valentine cookies.


Feb 16th
Science club project was learning how to make home made paper using feathers and dryer lint.

This was a spontaneous moment. I walked in the room and there they were just like this.

Feb 22nd
Megan earned her Young Women's medallion. She took this on by herself and did a lot of work to earn it.

Jacob earned his On My Honor award on the same day.

Feb 23rd
This was so funny. Ellen was enjoying all the pictures of the puppies and kittens. She would comment, point and hug the screen.

Going on a field trip to Sub Zero ice cream where they mix science, food and fun. You chose your flavors and ingredient and then they mix it up in front of you, add liquid nitrogen and your ice cream is ready to eat.

Feb 24th
Krystal and Tyler's Wedding.

Today we went to my sister's wedding.

I like the colors in these flower pictures

Audrey and Ellen

My brother, Prenten, made this cake top decoration. It is an edible frosting version of the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.

Decorating the newlywed's car

Tyler and Krystal

Prenten holding is work of art.

Feb 26th
It snowed quite a bit so I get to go out and do some snow plowing.

While I was out I looked up and saw this. It was the sun but it had 4 rainbows going around it. Each circle was going in a different direction and there were bright spots when they intersect. You can only see 2 of the rings in this picture. I didn't have a lens large enough to capture all 4 in the same shot. The largest ring went around most of the sky.

The craziest part was when I looked directly above me in the sky and there was an upside-down rainbow. The other 3 rings were all intersecting, but this one was in the center of them all, and only a partial circle. My eyes could hardly take it all in. It was a wonder to see.

Once I finished plowing I came home and took the kids for a sledding ride.

Feb 27th
These craft items are for creating mosaic patterns but the kids found a better use.

I took David and Julia ice fishing at Hyrum Reservoir.

Fishing inside the ice tent is fun because it stays so warm inside, and when the doors and windows are shut you can see down into the water and watch the fish.

You can see a fish about 42 seconds into the video.

David caught a fish

When we opened David's fish we were surprised to find a 2nd fish!

Our insurance agent, Josh Barnett with American Family Insurance, invited us to laser tag, roller skating, bowling, jungle gym, and a picture with Santa. How many of you have an agent like that?

March 1st

Our home school group goes to many events at the Ellen Eccles Theatre. The kids get to have great cultural experiences and see lots of inspiring talent. Today they went to see The 5 Browns.

Julia came into the office to show me what she created. She took some licorice and little broccoli leaves to make trees.

March 3rd
Pine Wood Derby Day! This year David and James both had a pinewood derby. So that's two cars for one event.

I remember when my older brother and I were this age. In a similar situation my dad was helping us both make our pinewood derbys and my dads wood planer took off one of his fingers. Needless to say I was nervous the entire time making these cars. Glad to report I get to keep all 10 of my fingers.

Here is David.

James holding his car.

Megan is across the way holding Ellen. To the right is Audrey, Aunt Laura and Jacob. Julia is up close, to the far right. I was going to say that Julia is the one in front wearing purple, but that doesn't help much does it?

March 4th

March 17th
I looked out the window and what do I see? 2 little monkeys enjoying one of the first nice weather days of spring. They filled up these pools with warm water.

March 21st
One of our hens was unlucky today. I hope she takes the day off tomorrow.

March 23rd

Audrey's sister, Mary came over to visit.

March 29th
As the weather begins to improve, Ellen enjoys a day outside. Rather than play on the grass, she spots a puddle.


March 30th
The home school craft today was creating art with fruit, beans and other foods.

March 31st
Ellen turned this upside-down and climbed inside it to read her books.

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