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At a park in Moab Utah

Lookout spot at "Land of Fire and Ice" in New Mexico

Temple in Lubbock Texas

All the stages of the cotton seed, from seed to Crisco (Short for Crystallized Cotton Seed Oil) There is no waste in the process. Each byproduct gets used somewhere for something.

Piles of Cotton Seed at the factory. These piles are HUGE! Each pile is bigger than a large house.

At the hotel in Shreveport Louisiana

I like to buy peanut patties while going through the southern states, cause you cant get them anywhere else. But this time i was struck funny by the ingredients. Hmmm.....I wonder.

Hotel in New Orleans, had a big statue of a musical instrument.....

...but when we got a little closer we noticed that it was a painting! Either way, very impressive.

Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans

I'm pointing to the level that this area was flooded to. You can see "ring around the tub"..er house.. that this storm left.

Piles of destruction everywhere we drove around for 40 miles with our jaws dropped just looking and looking. It was hard to take in the scale of it all.

Left over from when people were living on there roof waiting to get rescued.

The famous "x" sprayed on everything, everywhere. Top quadrant is the date, left is the groups name that checked the house, and bottom is how many dead found here.

At Kmart we only found 1 car in the parking lot. Not much shopping going on today.

McDonalds (in the Kmart parking lot)

Now how did that car get there? You would think some of these things would take priority to get cleaned up, but there is soooo much destruction that where do you start?

Boats were in crazy places and on sides of streets. Boats and cars still hanging out where they landed. If I was a police officer I would have a hay-day giving out parking tickets.

Just arrived in Florida

Lots to unpack.

Some fighting involved in the first and few toys discovered.

Lots of work to move in.

...there's how many more boxes left to bring in from the garage?

Meal time.

I think Julia was so cute in this picture.

Lion Country Safari. Got to feed a Giraffe! - they have weird toungs!

Julia is soo cute.

...does this one need a caption?

Water play place.

It is not totally the camera here, this was a very bright day anyway.

in the back yard.

Fixin' another award winning meal.

Our house for a while.

My sophisticated lady!

All of Florida is one big pile of sand. It's like there are thousands of sandboxes everywhere, and even 10 miles from the beach you still find piles of shells.

..there's currently how many feet of snow in Utah? gee too bad.

Playing catch with Pal. Megan took this picture. You can see Pal's Shriek doll flying through the air.

Neighbors have not put in their grass yet. When they do we will loose our closest sandbox.

If this was my house, I'd keep the back yard with no grass and a huge sand pit. Just the "common area" grass. (and a nice commercial grade vaccuum for the house)

Very weird trees here. Everyone tryin' to be a palm tree.

At "City Place" in West Palm Beach.

Fountains at City Place.


Julia in front of the fountains

Audrey and Me at Clematis By Night "Reggae Night"

Fun Ice Cream shop on Clematis at City Place.

Julia got some cute Barbie slippers at Family Dollar.

Cute, cute, cute...cute!

Haverhill Storage


At the beach


James got a little sun.

David is learning to spell


Megan and Jacob doing home school. Learnin' to reed rite and aurithatic.

EPCOT center. (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow)

Makin' Choco-chip Cookies.

Waiting for the kids to make their cookies.

At the Nemo Aquarium.

Other side of EPCOT

Totally tired after a long Disney day.

...well, except for Julia and James

Magic Kingdom - Disneyworld.

Haunted Mansion ride

Julia loved the "Its a small world" ride

Eatin' Turkey leg

Riding the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Splash Mountain. I think everyone in this picture turned out great. I have this picture printed out, but I need to scan it in and then replace it with this temp picture.

Julia was so cute on this one.

James and Julia like the Carousel. ESPECIALLY JULIA! She desperately wanted to stay on it.

Jacob on Dumbo ride

Audrey and David zooming along

On the Car ride. James liked it.

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