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Julia - At Yellowstone

Audrey - At spring in Yellowstone National Park

Jacob - At the mud pots

Julia - In front of Geyser

Megan at geyser

Boiling water

My brother Roman and his boy Issac

Roman and me.

Audrey and James

Roman at the spring

A nice picture of the spring

you can bearly see us walking on the walkway in the distance, but I like this picture.


Funny kids. James and Eliana (cousin)

Old Faithful

A few of the kids out in the mist.

Megan, David and Jacob

Breakfast in Pajamas

Breakfast with the wild animals

Look out in the water!

David, Jacob and Megan

Me at one of the waterfalls.


David. If this looks funny, you should see what he looks like when he's acting crazy.

Foggy milky pool

James had a lot of fun

Click on this picture to see the boiling mud!

James again. Up at painted pots

The cuteness in front of the milky water hole.

Grand canyon of Yellowstone

Grand canyon of Yellowstone

I think this is called the lower falls. (largest falls in yellowstone)

View from the falls

At the top of the falls

David at waterfall

View of Grand canyon of Yellowstone

Can you find the buffalo?

here is a zoomed in picture of the buffalo

and an even closer picture.

The Grand Tetons. My favorite mountains!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming. At the Antler arch.



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