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David's broken leg

This was before the trip, David broke his foot doing a superman jump off the chair. He actually got the walker taken off before we left on the trip

Bryce Canyon was soooo cold! We only spent a few minutes outside.

Bryce Point. I ran down the trail to this overlook point. It was a great view, but I burned my lungs from breathing the cold air so quickly. It took a while to recover and I nearly passed out, but I got a great picture!

They all wanted to get one of these hats. But we preserved the memory instead

Capital Reef National Park

This was as we were getting near Capital Reef

We Pulled over at this spot to look out and take pictures.

Jacob took this picture of me. It is hard to see in the picture just how big and far down that drop of was.

We stopped at Anasazi State Park museum

Capital Reef National Park

Our first petroglyphs of the trip. We were Excited.

This is the other side of Capital Reef. The scenery changed so many times on our trip.

Newspaper Rock - That's a lot of petroglyphs!

Canyon lands National Park

Here we are on our way to Canyonlands

More Petroglyphs.

David never stopped gathering things. He was always picking up and gathering things, particularly sticks. Every time we stopped he'd find a new stick. This time was funny because I looked at him and saw that he found quite a few good ones this time. He also loves to gather brochures, coupons and little papers wherever we go. He calls them his secret maps.

Hole in the Rock

Looking Glass Rock

Audrey late said that if she knew what was on the other side of that window, she wouldn't have been smiling in this picture. The kids arrived first over to that spot, but there is a drop off on the other side.

Mesa Verde National Park - Colorado.

We stopped in Cortez Colorado - We couldn't resist the big cow.

It was so fun to get to see these ruins and imagine how they lived.

Arches National Park

Megan at Balancing Rock

Just starting the 3 mile round trip hike to Delicate Arch

...still hiking.


...and hiking

...and hiking.

...but dad, we're sooooooo tired!

We made it!

...and here's a picture to prove that we made it.

...and now the long trip back. At least this is mostly all downhill.

Here we stopped in front of some Petroglyphs.
By the time we got back to our car the sun was down and then we drove all the way home.

What a fun trip!


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