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Fathers and sons adventure. May/17/2008

All packed up and everyone is extremely excited to leave!


Finding a good camping spot:

Cooking our dinner at the fire (I'm holding croissant dough wrapped on a stick that I'm roasting)

The fireside:

Wakening up in the morning: (for those of us who even got any sleep)

James desperately wanted to go hiking up the mountain.

This is the hill that David fell down. you have to squint, but you can see them up at the top. (Or you can click on this picture to zoom in and see them better)

Now the pictures start to get a little crazy. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!

As soon as I said it was time to go, David stared to book it down the hill and lost control rolling a few times sideways and then head over foot before coming to a halt. It was about a half hour hike back to the truck and I carried him taking breaks and letting him rest when he thought he would pass out. He cut his head in 2 places, thumb, pinkie finger, palm and scraped leg.

First a little video:

Whew! we got down the mountain and are now driving back.

Audrey couldn't rushed to come and see him.

A little smile as the numbing ointment starts to kick in.

Yikes! you could actually see the skull. It was very deep.

Cleaning it out and prepping for the stitches.

David got some stitches to close the inside, and then 5 more across the top. Sick as he was he made sure Audrey took him to the store to get a present.

This was a great fathers and sons and we had a really good time. Dinner and breakfast were tasty and the kids had so much fun. Of course, David getting hurt at the very end was no fun and was a tragic event that he will certainly mark this event for him. I'm just glad for skilled people who know how to fix up little guys when they get hurt.

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